Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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The attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC have extensive experience aggressively litigating cases in both state and federal courts. Our attorneys carefully consider the facts and circumstances of each individual case and regularly collaborate to provide their clients with a comprehensive litigation strategy that is carefully executed to ensure the best possible results. Our attorneys passionately advocate for their clients in court by engaging in vigorous discovery and motions practice and, if necessary, by representing their clients at trial when the other side refuses to be reasonable.

The attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC have handled virtually every type of civil case with an emphasis on business and real estate disputes, probate and property tax appeals. Visser and Associates, PLLC is a full-service law firm and in the event the outcome at trial is less than ideal, our attorneys are prepared to handle their clients’ appeals. Unfortunately, in some events, even judges make mistakes. Visser and Associates PLLC has been very successful in appeals before the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. Donald Visser is a member of the Michigan Supreme Court’s Advocates Guild – an organization for the few who have argued cases before the full Court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation is only one of the problem-solving tools that the attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC use to resolve disputes. The firm also strongly encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution including both arbitration and mediation. We not only encourage our own clients to participate in these forms of alternative dispute resolution, but also provide these services to other litigants and their attorneys.

In our experience, mediation is the most commonly utilized form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is a set of meetings in which a neutral third party, called a “mediator,” facilitates conversation and resolution between disputing parties. It is a confidential process which helps uncover creative and unique solutions to legal problems and is risk-free—if the parties do not reach an agreement, they may still proceed to litigate their case in court.

Benefits of alternative dispute resolution include:

  • Saving on litigation costs and attorney fees;
  • Ability to craft more creative and flexible solutions;
  • Saving time;
  • Restoring damaged relationships;
  • Enabling the parties to vocalize their needs and participate in the resolution;
  • Ability to address complex issues;
  • Avoiding the emotional strain that comes with protracted litigation.

Visser and Associates, PLLC has multiple conference rooms to accommodate two party disputes as well as multiple party disputes. For alternative dispute resolution that involves large numbers of parties (such as complex construction disputes), outside accommodations can be arranged by our office.

Michigan Mediation Services

Attorney Donald Visser is also a designated mediator for many Michigan Circuit Courts and has been a certified trained mediator since 2003. Mr. Visser offers mediation services in the private conference rooms at the offices of Visser and Associates, PLLC.

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