Michigan Real Estate Law

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Whether it is a home, cottage, or apartment where we lay our heads at night, the church where we worship, or the commercial building or land from which we run our business, real estate touches and concerns each of us on a daily basis. The attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC assist owners, contractors, developers, realtors and investors in real estate acquisitions, sales, analysis and dispute resolution.

Michigan Zoning, Land Use, Division and Development

We have experience in representing clients before municipalities related to changes in zoning, variance applications and land use permits including appeals and litigation related to same. We also have extensive experience with land divisions, including but not limited to: transfers to adjacent properties, splits, plat development, site condominium development and all aspects of the Land Division Act. Attorney Donald R. Visser is one of the few attorneys who has argued before the Michigan Supreme Court as to the interpretation of the Land Division Act. See Sotelo v Grant Twp, 470 Mich 95 (2004). We assist clients in condominium development with site review, engineering and planning, the drafting and creation of master deeds and bylaws, seller’s disclosures and the like.

Residential and Commercial Sales, Financing and Leasing

The attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC also have extensive experience in both simple and complicated real estate sales and acquisitions including purchase agreements, title commitments, surveys, legal descriptions, estoppel certificates, etc. We represent developers as well as those looking to sell or purchase industrial lands and buildings, retail centers, and office buildings and complexes. We represent automobile dealerships, realtors, title companies and those looking to buy or sell a primary residence or second home. Our attorneys regularly negotiate and draft lease agreements on behalf of landlords and tenants and represent clients in collections matters and other lease enforcement actions. We also assist clients with all aspects of land contracts, deeds, mortgages and easements.

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

Our attorneys also have extensive experience in real estate disputes and litigation including property line disputes, survey errors, easement disputes, adverse possession, road by user, easement by necessity, title errors and title claims, land contract forfeitures, environmental litigation, condemnation proceedings, and foreclosures and workouts. Attorney Donald R. Visser is an expert in the area of water rights and has represented multiple property owners as to disputes related to water access, easements, dock placement and usage, and all things related to riparian and littoral rights.

Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Attorney Donovan J. Visser has vast knowledge and experience representing lessees and property owners in appeals of real estate tax assessments before local Board of Review and the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

Construction Law

The attorneys at Visser and Associates also have extensive experience in all areas related to construction including the drafting and enforcement of building and construction contracts and agreements, as well as construction disputes and construction liens. Attorney Donald R. Visser has argued before the Michigan Supreme Court as to the interpretation of the Construction Lien Act. See Stokes v Millen Roofing Co, 466 Mich 660 (2002).

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Each piece of real estate is unique and each state handles and treats real estate matters and transactions in a unique manner. Commercial and residential real estate laws and rules within the State of Michigan often vary substantially. The Grand Rapids real estate attorneys at Visser and Associates, PLLC are well-versed experts in most areas of Michigan real estate law and strive to provide excellent advice and representation to each client for their unique real estate and situation.

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