Corporate & Commercial

Visser and Associates, PLLC provides comprehensive knowledgeable, experience-based representation to all types of business entities (LLC, PC, Corporation, LLP, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, etc.) and has the experience necessary to offer advice and c… Read More

Individuals & Families

Life is filled with twists, turns, opportunities and obstacles. Much of life is more easily navigated with the assistance of an experienced, trusted attorney. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, are starting a business, are seriously injure… Read More

Real Estate Law

Whether it is a home, cottage, or apartment where we lay our heads at night, the church where we worship, or the commercial building or land from which we run our business, real estate touches and concerns each of us on a daily basis. The attorneys a… Read More

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience aggressively litigating cases in Michigan state and federal courts. We also offer mediation services and strongly encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution, including both arbitration and mediation. Read More

Property Tax Assessments & Appeals

Michigan has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. For many commercial property owners, real estate taxes are their largest single operating expense on an annual basis. Michigan’s real estate tax structure is complicated. It is often di… Read More